Indoor Growing Expos

There are different indoor growing expo sites that you can access to get information to that you are looking for. One of these sites is the Indoor Garden Expo. This is a site that advocates the indoor gardening, for example, the cannabis growth.

At the Indoor Garden Expo, I found new ideas that are brought in the industry as well as the latest technology and products. Here you can get the technology and developing resources that people interested in weed can find useful. This passion is what leads to the creation of Indoor Garden Expo.

Indoor Garden Expo holds the biggest cannabis show in the world. If you want to grow like an expert, you can attend many shows that are held in different parts of the United States. The shows are held on different days and are posted on the Indoor Garden Expo site.

This expo equips you with the information on the equipment you can choose so as your yields can be multiplied. During the shows, you can speak and listen to the expert in the industry. The expo has 28 years of combined experience.

Another growing expo site that you need to know about is the GIE+EXPO. I love their Expo; it is a place where you learn as you have fun. It is the biggest garden shown in the whole of North America. 

We started the show by watching a showcase of the Expo products. If you are a dealer, a power sports Retailer, a landscape professional, a general contractor, a servicing dealer, Lawn & Garden Center, a forest and land manager, a golf course superintendent or even industry media, this is the expo for you.

The GIE+EXPO has created a mobile app that enhances our attendance. It is called the Go EXPO free smartphone app. The app is available on Google Play Stores and iTunes. 

The mobile app is sponsored by TurfMutt. You can use the app to easily access the schedules of their different events, the information that is exhibited, the floor plan, the announcements of the shows and the posts on social media.

We as the app users of Go EXPO app, we can use as a personalized planner in building a custom itinerary of the sessions we prefer as well as take note using a feature in the app called My Notes. We can also search exhibitors, view product information, request meetings, tag favorites and map booth locations using the app.

You can also locate your favorite booths by joining the interactive floor plan. This will help you to download a walking app that is personalized. Apart from that you can search the schedule of the conference and rate the sessions.

We are also allowed to view handouts. The better part that I enjoy with the app is to read, comment and follow exhibiting company and my fellow attendee tweets as well as Facebook post. You, therefore, can not get bored during these shows as there is a lot of fun. I can always attend the expo’s any time any day. See you there.

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