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How Indoor Growing Expos Can Help You Get Started With Your Own Indoor Garden

There has always been a steady interest in growing your own food, especially with a tight economy and so many pesticides being used on the commercial crops these days. However, there are a couple of factors that are going to help encourage people to plant more food indoors and maybe grow enough to sell to other people and stores as well. Let’s take a look at some technological innovations that could spur a lot of interest in the indoor growing industry.

The Solar Energy Boom Is Going To Transform The World

Setting up a large greenhouse to capture the sun and keep your indoor garden warm is an old concept that works reasonably well. However, in many of the northern climates, it isn’t enough to keep many vegetables from freezing to death in the winter. So adding some kind of heat besides the captive solar rays that heat a normal greenhouse is a necessity.

With a solar panel array, you can generate enough electricity to warm a greenhouse up just the right amount to keep your garden thriving. You normally wouldn’t be able to do that with grid electricity because of the cost factor. However, in many states right now, especially in the Southern United States, there is plenty of sun and panels are cheap enough to make heating a greenhouse cost effective.

With the prices of solar panels dropping at a record pace, there are also advances in hydroponics as well. This is where you use automation in your indoor growing room to rotate the plants on a conveyor system to maximize the square footage that you have available.

You also can use hydroponics to feed the plants 100% of all the nutrients they need in a liquid diet. There are small water pumps involved, conveyor motors, and indoor growing lamps too. These are all starting to be cost-effective because of the falling prices of solar panels.

In addition to that, in many big cities, fresh produce has to be shipped from long distances away. It is usually not pesticide free, or herbicide-free either, so many health-conscious buyers try to avoid eating too much of the shipped in produce. On the other hand, if an old warehouse or factory can be converted to an indoor growing farm, where pesticides and herbicides are not needed, the produce can fetch a premium price on the market.

There Are Indoor Growing Expos

The interest in growing indoors has exploded exponentially in the past decade. There are indoor growing expos where everyone from homeowners to commercial growers can see and investigate the latest technology that’s on the market. It’s a fast-growing field with lots of innovation becoming available weekly. Many of the automation features can make growing your own food nearly hands-free with computer technology and machines doing the greater portion of the work.

If you have a keen interest in starting your own small, or large, indoor growing operation, attending an expo would be an enlightening experience. You can find lists and schedules online of the various expos coming to your city with times, dates and entrance fees as well.

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